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Welkom op de nieuwe website van Vanavond.tv, de tv-gids voor de avond powered by TVGiDS.tv. Van de meest relevante televisiezenders laten wij zien welke programma's er tijdens primetime (19.00 tot 00.00) worden uitgezonden.




14 februari 2020
Simon Day,
Camille Coduri,
Tom Davis,
Laura Checkley,
Julie Dray,


Seizoen 1 Aflevering 6 The family heads to the coast for a holiday, with Gary keen to enjoy some quality time with Terri. However, she is obsessed with making holiday pals and befriends a French woman whose less-than-friendly husband has nothing in common with Gary - who finds himself relegated to looking after the kids while everyone else has fun. Big Gary is excited about getting a pasty from a shop he visited years ago, but can't quite remember its location, while Denise's fear of seagulls prevents her going down to the sea front to help. Comedy, starring Tom Davis, Laura Checkley, Simon Day and Camille Coduri.

7 februari 2020


Seizoen 1 Aflevering 5 Winkle gatecrashes Gary's plans for a family day out at an indoor mini golf course in celebration of Big Gary's birthday. Meanwhile, Denise takes a shine to the crockery in the restaurant and Terri sticks her oar into Gary's friend John the Butcher's date.

She knows that John is already seeing one of her friends, so righteously informs the date that the man she is having dinner with is a `class A wrong un". Comedy, starring Tom Davis, Laura Checkley and Camille Coduri.