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Welkom op de nieuwe website van Vanavond.tv, de tv-gids voor de avond powered by TVGiDS.tv. Van de meest relevante televisiezenders laten wij zien welke programma's er tijdens primetime (19.00 tot 00.00) worden uitgezonden.


BBC Two Vandaag

24 maart
  • 3:05
    Gisteren - Highlights of programmes on BBC Two.
  • 7:20
    Letter D: Carol Kirkwood takes an alphabetical journey through the world of horticulture, looking at themes beginning with the letter D.
  • 8:05
    Seizoen 2 Aflevering 2 Daffodils and Blossom Trees & Shrubs: Carol Klein champions the delights of daffodils and Chris Beardshaw focuses on blossoming trees and shrubs, with both experts offering...
  • 9:05
    Juicy Fruits: Alys Fowler demonstrates how easy it is to grow raspberries and blueberries, and plants juicy fruits from which she then prepares jams and tangy fruit leathers.
  • 9:35
    Seizoen 52 Aflevering 3 As spring begins, Monty Don offers tips on what to do to give indigenous wildlife a boost, including planting a tree to provide a nectar source for bees and other insects.
  • 10:05
    News and stories concerning the heart of the British countryside.
  • 11:00
    Matt Tebbutt presents highlights of the series, recalling his favourite moments from previous years in the kitchen.
  • 12:30
    The duo set out on a culinary mission across Europe, the Middle East and America to find and cook the most delicious chicken and egg recipes in the world.
  • 13:30
    Seizoen 1 Aflevering 1 Part one of two. The journalist experiences religious festivals in the region, learning about the three main faiths that co exist there and celebrating Eid in Istanbul.
  • 14:30
    Action from a recent event.
  • 16:00
    Action from a recent event.
  • 18:00
  • 19:00
    Seizoen 1 Aflevering 2 Ocean: How the country's surrounding oceans the Southern Sea, the Pacific and the Indian Ocean create a unique environment for numerous types of creatures.
  • 20:00
    Seizoen 4 Aflevering 9 Pencils: Gregg Wallace visits a German pencil factory, learning that the main material in a pencil is not lead but graphite the properties of which Cherry Healey then examines.
  • 21:00
    Seizoen 16 Aflevering 2 Deborah Meaden, Peter Jones, Touker Suleyman, Tej Lalvani and Jenny Campbell assess plans for African coffee ceremonies, colourful wetsuits, fake tan and alternative energy.
  • 22:00
    Seizoen 1 Aflevering 4 The four remaining teams reach the People's Republic of China. Alex has a romantic encounter while working at a flower stall, and Natalie fulfills a childhood dream.
  • 23:00
    Seizoen 1 Aflevering 2 Ethiopia: The comedian visits Ethiopia, experiencing local traditional medicine and jazz music, as well as learning more about the country's oppressive political regime.
  • 0:00
    Seizoen 2 Aflevering 3 Vincent infiltrates the local Freemason brotherhood and uses the opportunity to drum up new business. Meanwhile, Lavender and Jo continue their unlikely relationship.
  • 0:30
    A Pakistani professor tells a journalist how he was driven to radical politics in the aftermath of the September 11 attacks. Drama, starring Riz Ahmed and Liev Schreiber.
  • 2:30
    Topical debate with prominent public figures and an invited audience, chaired by David Dimbleby.
  • 3:30
    Seizoen 21 Aflevering 11 A Simple Lie (Part 1): The high court gives its judgement on withdrawing care for Ange's patient, and Frieda returns to Darwin, but faces problems when she is paired with...
  • 4:30
    Highlights of programmes on BBC Two.

BBC Two Gemist

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