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Welkom op de nieuwe website van Vanavond.tv, de tv-gids voor de avond powered by TVGiDS.tv. Van de meest relevante televisiezenders laten wij zien welke programma's er tijdens primetime (19.00 tot 00.00) worden uitgezonden.


BBC One Vandaag

24 maart
  • 7:00
    A round up of national and international news, plus sports reports, weather forecasts and arts and entertainment features.
  • 10:00
    The latest national and international news stories, followed by Weather.
  • 11:00
    A round up of the week's stories, featuring interviews with key figures in politics and current affairs and a round up of the Sunday papers. Including news and weather at 10.00.
  • 12:00
    The latest political news and debate from the region.
  • 12:30
    Seizoen 1 Aflevering 2 River Severn: JB Gill travels along the River Severn in Shropshire, discovering the influence of the Quaker faith on the Industrial Revolution and meeting the monks of Buildwas...
  • 13:30
    Seizoen 21 Aflevering 16 Martel Maxwell, Martin Roberts and Dion Dublin examine a two bedroom flat in Godalming, a house in a terrible state of repair in Telford, and a terraced property in Smethwick.
  • 14:00
    The latest national and international news stories, followed by Weather.
  • 14:10
    Detailed weather report.
  • 14:15
    Music and worship from around the country.
  • 14:50
    Appeals on behalf of a registered charity.
  • 15:00
    Game show in which two teams compete for the best bargains before they go up for auction.
  • 16:00
    Seizoen 3 Aflevering 29 Sarah Moore transforms items reclaimed from a tip in Walsall, including a broken desk and a Formica kitchen table and three chairs.
  • 16:45
    Seizoen 18 Aflevering 61 Sonali Shah is in the Warwickshire countryside helping a couple with a £750,000 budget find their ideal home, where an open plan interior and a generous garden are priorities.
  • 17:45
    Quiz show in which contestants try to score as few points as possible by plumbing the depths of their general knowledge to come up with the answers no one else can think of.
  • 18:35
    The latest national and international news stories, followed by Weather.
  • 18:50
    All the latest local news and weather.
  • 18:55
    The latest weather information.
  • 19:00
    Reports on the latest rural developments.
  • 20:00
    Seizoen 41 Aflevering 13 Eltham Palace 2: Fiona Bruce presents a second visit to Eltham Palace. Items brought in to be valued include a pair of duelling pistols, and a panel of stained glass from the...
  • 21:00
    Seizoen 1 Aflevering 1 Chris Packham, Steve Backshall and Liz Bonnin present a week of live programmes on aquatic wildlife. Featuring a visit to the world's biggest whale nursery in Mexico.
  • 22:00
    Seizoen 1 Aflevering 6 Into Sand: Edward deals with the aftermath of a murder, while Baptiste suspects the depth of corruption runs even further after an attempt is made on his life.
  • 23:00
    The latest national and international news stories, followed by Weather.
  • 23:20
    All the latest local news and weather.
  • 23:25
    The latest weather information.
  • 23:30
    Captain Jack Sparrow's search for the fountain of youth leads to a battle with the dreaded pirate Blackbeard. Fantasy adventure sequel, starring Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz.
  • 1:35
    Seizoen 9 Aflevering 9 Boy George returns to the show and is assigned to team Prima, as Arnold Schwarzenegger challenges the celebrities to create a promotional event for basketball team the LA...
  • 2:20
    Seizoen 9 Aflevering 10 Arnold Schwarzenegger challenges the teams to sell a fitness product on a home shopping channel but finding volunteers for the role of project manager proves tough.
  • 3:05
    Detailed weather report.
  • 3:10
    The latest national and international news stories, followed by Weather.

BBC One Gemist

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